Anna Clara is a researcher at the Romani Atlantic project, Institute of Ethnology at the Czech Academy of Sciences. In her current project, she investigates the migration of eastern European Roma in Brazil in the 19th century with a focus on gendered and racialised subject formations. Her research interests include discourse analysis, identity, and gender.

She carried out her master’s and doctoral research within the “Bodies and identities as socio-discursive practices: studies in critical discourse analysis” project. Led by Prof. Viviane Vieira at the University of Brasilia, Anna Clara’s research focused on social practices involved in inter-actions, representations, and identifications partially situated in discourses that constitute power-knowledge. Particular attention was paid to power-knowledge pertaining to the body, health, corporeity, social genders, and identities.

Anna Clara’s publications include journal articles, conference proceedings, and book reviews. She is also interested in political and educational training. Prior to joining the CAS, she acted as a language teacher for several years at Fundação Universidade de Brasília, Instituto Federal de Brasília, and the University of Arizona (USA). Anna Clara holds a BA and MA in linguistics (University of Brasilia), a BA in education, and is currently working towards a Ph.D. in sociology (Charles University). In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, cross-stitching, and exploring Prague.